Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Style Icon - Olsen

Mary Kate, Ashley, Elizabeth.
We all know and love the Olsen twins however now 
there is a third sister. 
Well there has been for the past 22 
years but in the last couple she has emerged as her own person,
an actress and a style icon. Much alike her sisters' in looks, Elizabeth is very beautiful and has the same features but her style differs. 

Unlike MK and A's boho/hobo style Elizabeth is very polished but still with a slight bohemian, elegant edge. She pays more attention to making her hair glossy and her make up more, perfect, looking. I'd say this was so she wouldn't be over shadowed by her older sisters, and she certainly hasn't been, she's a style icon and actress within her own right and was recently named one of Vogue's best dressed.

I look forward to seeing Elizabeth's style emerge even more and for Mary Kate and Ashley to continue their rein as style icons. 

Ellie X

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