Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Univeristy News!


Yup you read that right, I cannot believe it, I'm still in shock really, I've known for about a month now and it still doesn't feel real. I am SO excited and feel so lucky that I've gained a place at the one university I desperately wanted to go to. 

I'll be studying Hair and Makeup for Fashion and so will probably be posting a lot of updates about uni course on my beauty blog . However I'll still be posting fashion updates and more lifestyle things on this blog, posts about what I've bought for uni, where abouts I'll be living and general london life! 

I'm absolutely ecstatic, still! I don't think it will feel real until I'm down there. 

I had my interview back at the end of February, this is how I wore my hair and makeup to my interview. I wanted to do it nicely but not over the top and not too natural as that's not me, I love a full face of slap *girl flicking hair emoji* 

I'm so excited to share this news and to share all my up and coming experiences with fellow bloggers and readers!

Ellie x  

An Afternoon in Birmingham

Two of my friends recently came back from uni for their easter holidays, it makes me sooo happy when everyone is back, it's so hard only having a few people left in my hometown and watching them all enjoy uni life! However this makes it more special when I do get to see them, we went to Birmingham for the afternoon/evening and whilst there Beth from The Village Style asked whether she could photograph my outfit.

I always find it so awkward posing but I was happy to, if you get a chance definitely look at their blog they post street style and write interesting blogs. I'm glad she photographed me as it made me remember about blogging and makes me want to get back into it. 

My trousers are from Asos, my top is from Topshop, cardigan is American Apparel, handbag from Primark and my nude ballet pumps are from New Look, and are what I wear constantly. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tuesday's outfit ft new boots

New boots sent down from Topshop heaven. This is what I wore to the cinema last night, tartan skirt is from Primark, my black leotard is from H&M and my coat is Topshop but about three years ago now! I also have on a gold choker from H&M. 

These boots are honestly so amazing, although quite hard to drive in... 

Sorry for the bad quality photos I'm going to try and get my sister to take outfit photos but it's just finding the time to do it as when I get home it's usually dark. 

(sorry about my messy bedroom floor)

Ellie x 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ashamed that I haven't posted for almost a year

 Went to london fashion week with my best friends for my 18th birthday(above), below are the photos I took.

 Hannah and I (above), Jess and I (below) Halloween 2013, we were all vampires I did all of our make up, it was so fun to see everyone as vampires we all looked completely different. 
 I fell over face first in a pile of mud, got to my friends fainted and had a fit... this was strange.
 I also started my Art and Design foundation, I've just applied to university so fingers crossed I get in!!
 lots of my friends moved away to their university of choice, I visited Liverpool where two of my best friends live now! It's so lovely there, the shopping is amazing! I loved seeing all the scouse girls walking around and getting their make up done in MAC with a full set of rollers in! 
 Bought a fake nose ring and cut my hair, also dyed it bleach blonde/white (my hair has changed a lot)

 Visited my other best friend in London as that's where he is currently studying and I did all of my christmas shopping!
Still love wearing cake face makeup </3 

 My mum re trained with a new nail course looking at stiletto nails etc, she's amazing at them! I loved my mermaid nails.
 I was a bridesmaid when it was snowing!! (My fello bridesmaid and sister doesn't like photos)
 Bleach blonde hair started with about 8 foils in the underneath of my hair!!
 We had our sixth form prom, I went with a green zara dress and a kimono from h&m with barely there heels and red lips. It was such an amazing night but feels like a different age now.

 I saw Rihanna live for the third time! YES we were this close. 
 Just a rare picture with my dog...
 Rihanna outfit with ma best bitch, I wore high waisted denim shorts, the Rihanna for River Island crochet halter neck top and a kimono my nan gave me which she'd bought from the H&M concious collection a few years back.
 I went to Harry Potter world, t r u l y  a m a z i n g.

 I visited London with my family for a city break, my hair went so curly in the rain! Here I've had a full head of highlights twice! It had grown quite a bit here.

 I went out  A LOT towards the end of 2013 (from sept to dec) but now I've not been out since boxing day! I'm waiting until my birthday to revisit town, it's nice to actually stay in a just enjoy family company for a bit, it also saves me money and is allowing me to focus on my course and uni portfolios.
My hair colour at the moment, here is before I had it all cut off again, but my hair grows pretty fast so it should be here again in no time!

It's currently this length and colour! 
I just thought I would update you on a couple of things, mainly my hair, as not much else has changed. I had such an amazing 2013 I wouldn't change a thing! I think I will always cherish it because it's the last year my whole friendship group were altogether before everyone parted to go off to uni or start full time work. I've done so much this year it's hard to believe I fit it all in, but I'm so looking forward to see what this year brings (even if it does mean I turn nineteen, what a crap age.) 

I'm hopefully going to be studying Makeup Artistry at uni, I just keep thinking about how much I can't wait to leave my hometown and start uni wherever I may end up. I'm going to try blog at least weekly, I finally have a full length mirror so the very least I can do is take mirror selfies of my outfits and as I will need lots of photos for my portfolio I will be sure to update Beauty Pupil with different make up looks I have done on others or tried on myself. 

Ellie x 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Birthday

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!! 

I'll be back with some birthday related posts soon. 
I've been loving this make up look recently, a cat liner with an orange/red matte lip. So Chaud is the colour I am wearing (mac.) With face and Body foundation (mac) some bronzer, ( Nars) and a slight bit of blush (Tarte) 

I've been SO lucky and received so many unexpected gifts off my family, so many cute surprises. I'm now looking forward to see family friends and my friends for a meal on friday and then off to London at the weekend! And maybe again on monday! Weeeeeheeeeee
This was what I was awoken with! :) 
Ellie X